Tropicat was Chimney's pet cat in Season 4 of The Minecraft Files . Tropicat was aquired by Chimney with a spawn egg, since no ocelots spawn naturally in the tropical realm, as a substitute for Melvin. Chimney was building in the Volcano District and decided to teach Tropicat to sprint jump, then unfortunatly, Tropicat sprint jumped into lava. When Chimney saw it on fire, he tried to put it out with a water bucket, but he was too late. A grave was built saying "R.I.P. Tropicat 2012-2012". The theme was brought up again in the Sherlock Swift episode, which depicted Sherlock Swift and Wattson investigating the death of Tropicat. It is learned that the empty house next to Ash's was the past home of a wizard, who killed tropicat with a fire spell.

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